People, Cheung Chau, Hong Kong



Antique Street, Hong Kong

Antique Street is below Hollywood Road. Hollywood Road is named after the Hollywood trees grown alongside the street, not after the California Hollywood. There are a lot of outdoor antique stalls on Upper Lascar Street, which is to the east of Hollywood Road. Lascar Street got its name by the India military soldiers who used to be stationed there during English colony time. This area, filled with prostitutes during past life, is converted into antique market frequented by tourists.

Casa Bruno Cuadros, Barcelona, Spain


It was 1883 when the architect Josep Vilaseca undertook the refurbishment of the Casa Bruno Cuadros and the umbrella shop on the ground floor. It was just a few years before the 1888 Universal Exhibition and Barcelona was in the throes of expansion, with interesting buildings being built all over the city. The Catalan home-grown art-nouveau movement, modernisme, was gaining momentum and, with it, the taste for Oriental decorations. The Casa Bruno Cuadros of Barcelona, known by locals as the Casa dels Paraigües (House of Umbrellas) is an example.